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IX Avogadro Meeting on String Theory, Supergravity and Gauge Theories

Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati — Aula 128-129

December 18—20, 2013

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Scientific Program

Wednesday, December 18 9:00—11:00 Aula 128-129

A. Sfondrini (Utrecht U.) and A. Torrielli (Surrey U.)

Integrability in AdS/CFT


AdS/CFT integrability amounts to the statement that part of the dynamics of AdS strings / corresponding fields can be obtained by solving a quantum integrable system. This has been turned into a powerful tool to obtain exact information from the two sides of the correspondence, and has revealed a large amount of symmetry hidden in the system. We will review the state of the art of this activity, with focus on the spectral problem.

The first part will present a short survey of the traditional stages of solution of a quantum integrable system using toy examples. At the end of each stage, the main challenges for the application to the AdS/CFT case will be pointed out, and referred to the second part for their description. The topics covered will be:

  1. Spin chains and Bethe ansatz
  2. S-matrix and its analytic structure
  3. Lax pairs and quantum inverse scattering method
  4. Hopf algebras and Yangians
  5. (depending on time) Thermodynamic Bethe ansatz

The second part will analyse in more detail how the challenges hinted at in the first part are tackled, with two main examples in mind: strings in five-dimensional AdS (dual to N=4 super Yang Mills fields) and strings in three-dimensional AdS, dual to two-dimensional conformal field theories. The description will cover:

  1. Strings in lightcone gauge and coset sigma-models
  2. Worldsheet QFT and its symmetries
  3. The non-relativistic S-matrix and relation to spin-chains
  4. Finding the spectrum

For each point we will emphasise the state of the art and point out the current directions of research.


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